How many KIMONO(YUKATA) can you dress within 90 min.?



Time trial for 90 min. by 4,000 JPY!




In usual Kimono rental shop, you have to select only one kimono among various colors and designs.


Want to dress this one and that one, to try another one…


But you have to choose only one.  The remaining will be …next




No, no! even if first time, you can dress WABIKAE yukata by yourself within 30 min.


So, just after 30 min., you can dress any WABIKAE yukatas you desire to dress by yourself without staff’s assist.


Oh!, how many WABIKAE yukata can you dress?




DRESSING STEPS During 90 min.

First 10 min: Explanation and first choice of yukata


Next 10 min: Dressing the first yukata by WABIKAE staff, and photos (first yukata)


Next 20 min: Exercise of Dressing of Second yukata by yourself with WABIKAE staff's assist, and photos (second yukata)

Next 40 min: Dressing any yukata by yourself without WABIKAE staff's assist, and photos (third to ...?)

Forth trial

Remaining 10 min: Clearance Time (If you want more, Next time)


Fee (including tax): 4,000 JPY


Time: 90 min. (Not extendable)





Resevation: e-mail to

 including at least the following infomation

 (1) Plan you want to experience

 (2) Day and time

 (3) Number of participants

 (4) Male or female

 (5) Heights of all members

 (6) Name and e-mail address of the leader 


Resevation have to be done two days before.


Cancellation Policy: One business day prior to the activity, a charge of 50% of the total amount will be charged, the day of the activity, a charge of 100% of the total amount will be charged.


You can pay by cash (JPY) or by using a credit card (VISA, Master Card, JCB, American Express, Diners Club, Discover).
Every fee includes tax.



Please note it is difficult for a male who is taller than 200cm or has a west size or hip size of wider than 150 cm, and also for a female who is taller than 180cm or has a west size or hip size of wider than 130 cm to dress well.

Hear setting would not be available at WABIKAE Shop.  So please previously make your hear as you want by a beauty salon or by yourself.